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Parks Superior OverView

Parks Superior Overview. New England's Premier Hearse and Limousine Dealer. We ship all types of vehicles globally!

Phoenix Silver

Experience the difference in the Platinum Phoenix Funeral Coach.  Modern design combined with traditional quality and craftsmanship.  It's a work of art. It is modern, sleek,'s the Phoenix. This one in Silver with Black Top! 

Superior Sovereign

Your coach leads your service. Which is why thousands of directors around the world insist their coach be Superior. With the timeless elegance of traditional styling, accented by distinctive body contours and graceful roof lines, your Superior coach does indeed look the part. You project prestige, dignity and good taste. 

Eagle Echelon

The Echelon represents the next evolution in innovative design and styling and is the flagship of the Eagle Coach Company's product offerings. The Echelon Limited is being hailed as the industry leader in innovative styling, function and safety. Another quality-built product by Eagle Coach Company that will completely satisfy funeral directors anywhere.

Chrysler K2 Conversion Van

A quick overview of the versatile Chrysler K2 Conversion Van. A great first call or all around utility vehicle for a larger home, or a complete vehicle suite all in one for smaller homes. This video highlights the different looks and capabilities on the interior. 


MK Dodge 300

The Dodge MK 300 Hearse Conversion. - 2014 all new.  Shown with the Urn Valet. Ideal for smaller home or an auxiliary  vehicle for Urn processions and smaller funerals. 

Federal Renaissance

Top of the line Hearse made by Federal Coach. This vehicle geautres an all composite back end, beautiful windows, lighting. A stellar presentation of Casket and Urn alike.

Federal Stratford

The Stratford is an elegant versatile professional vehicle.  Looks great on a Sunny day, and this vehicle will be your best friend in muddy cemeteries and winter days!  Featuring a larger cabin, AWD and Low Gear drive to get you there.

Phoenix Black

Platinum Phoenix 2015, Tuxedo Top, Power Urn Valet-built in, Load Door 3 piece Stainless Kit, Left Hand Rear Door Hinge, Full Vinyl Top w/Crown Band, Church Truck Well - Closed, "B" Pillar Only Stainless 

Flower Car

Custom XTS Flower Car Conversion Samples. Converted from pre-owned XTS Sedans in a few weeks. Available in FWD or AWD options as available.  

MK Coach Lincoln

The Non Stretch Hearse from MK Coach. This one is a Lincoln Conversion. Extensions are all from the rear wheel back. Easy to drive, less cost to make means lower price to buy!

Legacy Hearse

The 2016 Legacy Hearse  A full sized Stretch Hearse on the Lincoln MKT Frame.  Lots of attention to detail like larger 2nd doors and special dual roller entry.